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Historical Clients, Shows and Events

I'm glad you're interested enough to want to find out more about my work history. Below you will find a synopsis of clients, shows, and events that I've been involved with over the years. All of the information below reflects companies, events and shows that I worked on as part of Martin Designs and do not reflect anything I've done with TLS Productions, Inc. To find out more about what I've been up to since going to work full time for TLS Productions, please visit the TLS website at Again, thank you for your interest and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Production, Lighting, and Special Event companies contracted for:

AV Images Audio Visual Headquarters AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Axis Pro Media Caribiner Communications
Christie Lites, Inc. Crossroads Audio Dallas Stage Lighting Dallas Summer Musicals Events Staging
Gale Sliger Productions Gemini Stage Lighting High Tech Audio Visual Jack Morton Worldwide J&S Audio Visual, Inc.
Light and Sound Design, Inc. MP Productions, Inc. The Obie Companies Paramount Event Services Postline SVC
UN Conference Commettie
Mexican Government
PRG - 4th Phase Promotion Productions Rich Waldron Designs Samarco, Inc. Show Solutions
Showlights, Inc. Sound and Stagecraft TLS Productions
(Tobin's Lake Studios)
Trinity River Arts Center Vari-Lite, Inc.

Shows and Events List

This is in no means a comprehensive list of my work, but rather an overview of various events and projects from the past, both long ago and more recent. All are examples of the thousands of projects I've been involved in over the last 25+ years.

ABC's Champion's of Magic from Monaco, Lighting Design: Steve Wyrick's Blades of Death Segment 1996

American Airlines President's Address 2000 - National Tour - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Argent Mortgage Sales and Awards Meeting 2004 - Technical Director

Computer Telephony National Convention and Product Demo 1996-97 - Lighting Design/Technical Direction

Coors Brewing National Sales Meeting 1998 - Master Electrician/Programmer/Operator

Dell Computer International VP Meeting 1996-97 - Lighting Design

EchoStar Distributor's Meeting 2005 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Trade Show Booth 1998 - Lighting Designer

E-Women Nation Convention Main Tent 2005-2007 - Lighting Designer/Programmer/Operator

Excell Communications International Sales Meeting 1997 - Lighting Designer/Programmer/Operator

Forever Living Products National Sales Meeting 1996 - Lighting Programmer/Operator

Ft. Worth Zoo Ball 1989-1998 - Lighting Design/Installation Supervisor (Lighting The FT. Worth Zoo for night viewing as well as concert and party lighting.)

Healthpoint Annual Sales Rally 2002-03 - Lighting Designer/Programmer/Operator

IBM International VP Meeting 2001

International Auto Shows - Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, etc. (1999-2006 - Booth Lighting Supervisor) 2006 -2013 - Production Manger/Floor Supervisor

Invensys Software Group National Sales Meeting 2008 - Master Electrician/Programmer

J.C. Penneys National Hispanic Model Search Finals 1990-1996 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Miller Brewing Distributor's Conference 2005 - Technical Director

Microsoft Global Sales Meeting 2004-2011 - Master Electrician/Programmer/Operator

Miss Texas America Pageant 1993-1998 - Associate Lighting Designer/System Engineer/Programmer/Operator

Miss Texas USA Pageant 1999-2008 - Associate Lighting Designer/System Engineer/Programmer/Operator

NCAA National Convention 1999 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Peter Loew's Success Seminars 1998-2000 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Romance Writers of America National Convention 2001 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Texas Instruments Trade Show Booth 1992 - Lighting Design/Programmer

Tivoli Enterprises Trade Show Booth 1998- Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

TLC Insurance Awards Meeting 1994-1998 - Lighting Designer/Programmer/Operator

Tupperware Distributors Conference 2000-2003 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

VM World National Convention 2008-2009 - Master Electrician/Programmer/Operator

Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association National Convention 1997 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Yeager Weekend of the Diamonds (four city Arena tour) 1995-1999 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Xerox Team Day Four City Simulcast 1989-1994 - Lighting Design/Programmer/Operator

Corporate events for clients such as:

Political Events such as:

Fashion Shows for Clients such as:

Music, Theatre, and Entertainment Acts such as

Permanent Installations such as the Texas Amphitheater in Glenn Rose Texas (the worlds largest permanent outdoor theatrical installation at the time), Cowboy's night club in Dallas, TX, and numerous high/middle school theaters and auditoriums. Follow MartinDesignsTX on Twitter