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How can I help with your show or event.

Lighting Design, Programming, Operation

Just for your show or event, a lighting design created specifically for the your needs, crafted to meet both your desires and budget. So many times in the "modern" world of lighting, the process of design is reduced to, "How many moving lights can I afford with this budget." I try to take some time and harken back to a time before moving lights and digital lighting when designer used to have to think about how every light was going to be used and how to best give the client what they wanted and needed within the budget. I love the modern bells and whistles as much as the next guy, but I do think it has to be tempered with an artistic eye and with the experiences of seeing first hand what will and won't work, or even what just works best.

I love to be part of a creative team, and I've had the opportunity to work for and with the best LD's in the business over the years. I hope that I've learned something from each and every one, I would like to bring all of that knowledge and experience to your show. As a designer, programmer, or operator I approach the project with the same mind set. The whole reason I got into this business - all those years ago - was so that I could paint beautiful pictures with lighting that left people with wonderful memories. In the end, that's what it is all about, leaving at least one indelible memory of the show with the audience. I want every person in the audience to walk away with a memory they will always have with them, of having seen something special and unique.

Production and Technical Management

It's about an even hand on the rudder. It's about having both the knowledge and experience to work within a timeline and a budget to bring the show or event to life. There is very little you can have on your show that I haven't had the opportunity to have dealt with over my career. I've had to deal with needy designers, producers in over their heads, and the billion dollar ideas with thousand dollar budgets. I've had to deal with the oft times complicated world of union politics in various venues. I've dealt with both difficult clients and difficult suppliers. I thrive under pressure and believe that "drama" has no place in our backstage world - I like to leave that to the talent. I promise you that I will apply all my knowledge and skill, as well as the knowledge and skill of my colleagues, to make sure your show matches your vision and that the install, show and strike are all as painless as possible.

Master Electrician and Lighting Crew Chief

Knowledge, experience, work ethic, this is what you want with your M.E. or crew chief. I feel very blessed to have come into the lighting industry as a technician just as the moving light revolution was starting. I've had the opportunity to grow my knowledge and expert ice in the lighting field even as the industry itself grew and changed. I pride myself on keeping up with the latest technological trends in the industry and I've been lucky enough to be in a position to actually get my hands on much of the new technology. There isn't a job on the lighting crew I haven't done and still can't do. I will admit, I try not to do a lot of climbing anymore, but that has more to do with getting older than anything else. Not only am I an ETCP certified master electrician, I also hold a journeyman's electrical licence as well. I feel confident doing a load in from the ground up. Unlike many of my colleagues, I've also studied and make it a point to try and keep up with the world of computer and systems networking that is becoming more and more a part of the "big" show business.

In addition to being technically sound and experienced, I've also spent years as a lighting supervisor and crew chief. I've worked with both great crews, and some of the worst labor you can imagine. Although it might not always be easy, I've always been able to get the job done. I've got the experience and the track record to take any sized rig into any venue confidently. I will gladly take the "worry" out of your lighting system. It will be done right and on time, that's my promise.

Put Martin Designs to work for you!

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you have the greatest show or event you can. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or just so we can get to know each other. I'm here offering to help you with any of your production needs. Please, consider me a resource, I will always do all I can to help you achieve your vision.

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